About the author

Dr.med. German E. Clénin is a Swiss sportsmedicine physician. After graduating at the University of Berne, he successfully finished his doctoral thesis in sportsmedicine and exercise physiology. After his training years he headed the Swiss Olympic Medical Center and Human Performance Lab in Magglingen, Switzerland, for four years, working with national and international top athletes. For the last 8 years, he has worked in his own practice in the House of Sport in Ittigen/Berne, Switzerland (www.smzbi.ch) with athletes at all levels, from top international athletes performing at the Olympic Games, to weekend warriors and recreational athletes.

  • Team doctor/Medical officer for the Swiss National teams of Swiss Orienteering (since 2002), Swiss Athletics (since 2013), and Swiss Ski Freestyle (since 2014). Swiss Cycling (2005-2013).
  • Team doctor/Medical officer of the Swiss Delegation Olympic games Bejing 2008 and London 2012
  • University of Berne (teaching medical students and junior doctors).
  • Swiss Society of Sportsmedicine: Director of the final exams (2004-2014), member of the committee, since 2014, Vice-President (wwww.sgsm.ch).

Scientific interests:

Athletes’ health and performance, iron metabolism and iron deficiency, exercise physiology and teaching. He has a postgraduate Master’s degree in Medical Education.

Personal interests:
  • Sport – keeping fit with running, cycling MTB and road, football, swimming, alpine and cross country skiing, ice hockey, and strength training, etc..
  • Family, in particular a sabbatical year in Australia (Maleny, QLD) with the whole family.